Welcome to NewsNumb (in 267 words)

Today’s world drowns us in information.  Sometimes it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction or even to decipher what streams of data are relevant to our lives.  As we intertwine ourselves digitally, we loosen the human threads that bind us together.  And with the news often biased and people often immutable, we’re left feeling divided and jaded.

This site is not going to solve any of those problems.  But here’s what we’ll try to do:  we’ve established a home where people will produce content based on the following beliefs:

  1. Brevity brings levity
  2. There are two sides to every story, and in there lies the glory
  3. It’s funner to imagine the future after pondering the past
  4. It’s more noble to show respect and be kind, than to leave anyone behind
  5. We love numbers, factual ones
  6. Talk is cheap, but news is a bargain
  7. Nothing is black and white
  8. Have a beer and from all folks too serious stay clear

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

“To Be Inspired, Engaged, and Balanced.  To follow that which makes you  curious.    To be challenged, test your limits, test your will.  To know thyself, know what you value, know your principles.  To stay humble and grateful. To help others for their betterment, for your own betterment, and for the sake of generosity.  To learn, to teach, to inspire. To contribute to the advancement and survival of humanity. To seek your great adventure.  To leave this world and myself in a better state than when I came to them.  To strive towards fulfillment of my soul.” – Anonymous


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