Greatest Movie Montage Ever? (175 words)

This montage is from Rocky IV in 1985.  I work out to this movie’s soundtrack every morning.

[SPOILER]  This montage takes place right after the Russian steroid-popping military juggernaut, Captain Ivan Draago, kills Apollo in an exhibition match.  Rocky has just accepted a challenge to fight Captain Draago in Russia.  He is torn emotionally because he knows he may die and his wife slash soulmate Adrian wants him to back out and wants him to change.  But he has to face the Russian for his fallen friend Apollo and ultimately…for himself. [END SPOILER]

Let your emotions reign free:


No Easy Way Out – Rocky IV

Reasons this could be the greatest movie montage of all time:

  1. Great Song Lyrics:  Relevant to the context and tear-jerking/soul-moving
  2. Has scenes shown from Rocky 1 through IV, nullifying the need to watch any of the previous movies (thanks!)
  3. Has a bit of everything for everyone:  action, drama, thriller, romance, scary Russian, tigers
  4. Two dudes in a foot race on Venice beach and jump hugging
  5. It was made in the 80’s; everyone great in this world was made in the 80’s.
  6. Everybody goes through moments in their life, where they want to give in to the hands of fate, but they know there’s no shortcut home.  They’re not asking for another chance, they just want to know why.  If that doesn’t make you feel something, you’re dead inside.

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