To Whom It Concerns (TWIC) – Post 1 (756 words)

You are both in our world now.  LL nearly 6 months and RT about 2 years and 6 months.  It has been an overwhelming but adventurous period getting used to two kids.  The little freedom you had left with one goes out the window after you have the second.  We have grandparents not too far away to help.  You love them, but we usually only have time to go see them on the weekends.  Both sets of parents live about 45 minutes away in opposite sides of town.  I’m heading there this weekend so your mom can have some time helping out with her friend’s baby shower.

I’ve decided to write document the journey and advice along the way in case for whatever reason I can’t pass on the information to you later.  I actually started this project right before RT was born.  I’ll start recording the notes and organizing so that you both have something to look back on when you’re older.

We definitely didn’t get this view of our parents’ thoughts so I’m a bit envious of you both and curious what the world may be like as you read this.  Have the robots taken over yet?  Do people drive anymore? Are we close?

Although our journey is just beginning I can tell you that as hard as it may get, there is nothing in the world your mother and I would trade it for.  A bit cliche to say but true none-the-less.  We love you both and hope our words can entertain or at least provide you some insights that you can look back on one day.  Or perhaps they’ll be for us to look back on one day, to so that we remember the where we started and can reflect upon where we’ve ended up.

Quick snapshot of what’s going on in our lives:  You both started a new daycare a couple of weeks ago.  You both seem to be adjusting just fine.  LL is sleeping through the night for the most part.  RT gets up still occasionally and we have to go in and stay in your room.  RT is currently mad at me and has been holding a grudge for about a week.  So this has been a “I want mama” week.  It usually tends to alternate who is the favorite parent.  The cause of this week’s grudge is seemingly a dream RT has had where I was scary.  We suspect as much since you were yelling at me in your sleep and keep telling your mom that I hit you although I never have!  This is ironic because your mom would occasionally have dreams about me doing something that made her mad and then she would actually stay mad in real life also.  Like mother like son i guess.

RT you are a chatter box currently.  You love singing songs – nursery rhymes mostly.  You don’t really eat.  We feed you macaroni and yogurt and Cheetos currently for dinner and whatever else you will take.  You have a fiery personality, are very stubborn, and only want to do things on your terms. Your previous teacher noticed this as well.  But you also have a loving heart.  Apparently when your grandma (mom’s side) hurt her toe recently you went downstairs by yourself and asked grandpa for a band aid and took it to her.  You enjoy reading as well and we read books every night.  You are VERY moody, but I imagine that is par for the course at 2 years old.  I’ve signed us up for a swimming class but we’re on the waiting list.  You look like your mother now more than me.  LL looks like me when i was his age.  It’s early in the game yet, so we’ll see how you both turn out.  Hopefully you get my height, not your mother’s.

I hope I can keep this up so that at least you get something I never had, a recorded glimpse into my past and insights into the thoughts of my parents over time.  Although knowing your Mom and I, you’ll already know us pretty well by the time you grow up.  We’re neither shy, nor quiet.  But in any case, maybe you can turn here for advice when you’re mad at us in your current time, be it a reason from a dream or real life.  But hopefully we’re the type of parents you can always turn to no matter what.  And for some reason we aren’t, then you can turn here before you have robbed us of our sanity.

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