Fulfilling Fullfillment (821 Words)

In a previous post we came up with a starting point for what a fulfillment equation may look like.  In this post we’ll define those variables further and investigate whether we need to add or remove any of our core fulfillment elements.

To start we have the following:

  • How well You know Yourself
    • Knowing Your Values, Beliefs & Living Up to Your Values
    • Knowing Your Goals & Achieving Your Goals
  • Inner Peace, General Anxiety, and Emotional State (Mental Health)
  • Physical Health
  • Life Complexity
  • Positivity – humor, enthusiasm, etc.
  • Social – professional, personal, family
  • Negativity – complaining, unforgiving, resentful, regretful
  • Knowledge – learning
  • Impact – Contribution to Society, Others
  • Financial & Material Assets

It’s often nice to have something to compare against so I’m going to pull from the beloved Jack Donaghy happiness pie chart or “Six Sigma Wheel of Happiness Domination” which include the following:

  • Philanthropy
  • Hobbies
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Work
  • Hair
  • Arts & Leisure
  • Sex & Relationships

Let’s break each one of these out to what they actually mean in terms of fulfillment and then compare to the original list we came up with.

Philanthropy – addressing the need to help others.

Hobbies – giving an outlet for your passions and interests.

Family – having deep and unbreakable connections with others.  We can throw friends in to this as well.

Faith – having principles you believe in.

Work – contributing to society, or alternatively, an outlet for a developed skill giving you sense of accomplishment and expertise.

We’ll skip hair for now since I’m bald.  But perhaps the need to accept your physical appearance and be confident in who you are physical is important.

Arts and Leisure – having sources of calm and relaxation, or peace.

Sex & relationships – fulfilling desire and the need for partnership, and connections with others.

OK – now we are going to combine happiness domination with our original list to create the fulfillment domination equation!  (It sounds cooler when you picture Jack Donaghy saying it)

  1. Belief System – we’re combing our first item with Jack’s “faith”.  This is having a code to live by, an established sense of principles and values that you can define in your life.
  2. Relaxation and Peace – this is combining our inner peace with Jack’s Art and Leisure.  This is having calming activities in your life, and the ability to combat stress, anxiety, and the wandering mind by focusing on a leisurely activity or and simply unwinding and bringing balance to your life.
  3. Physical Health – I think Jack dropped the ball here.  There’s quite a bit of research on the correlation of physical health to both brain and mental well being, aside from the obvious decrease in risks of life-threatening factors.
  4. Minimalism – I’m hypothesizing here that the more complex or complicated your life is, the less likely you are of feeling and maintaining a state of feeling fulfilled.  There are certainly schools of thought out there on eliminating waste and living simply.  Perhaps there is something to it.
  5. Humor and humility – sometimes you just can’t take life too seriously.  Humor and balancing general positive emotions to balance out the stress and negativity inherent in a connected world seems crucial today, more than ever.  Sometimes it helps to simply be grateful for what you do have and the positive things in the world.
  6. Close Human Connection – I’m lumping our social category and sex & relationships all together.  This represents all of the close relationships you have in your life, family, friends, and intimate relationships.
  7. Mastery – I’m combing a subset of work and knowledge to form mastery.  There are a couple of books out there that refer to mastery as being a key element in a meaningful career and life.  Being really good at something and knowing you can fall back on it as a defining skill and expertise is certainly something that can make you feel good about yourself.
  8. Impact – your contribution to society and helping those in need.
  9. Freedom – the liberty to do what you want, follow your interests, and this includes individual liberties and also financial freedom.
  10. Purpose – your reason for being.  What value do you want to attribute to your life or believe in.
  11. Confidence – feeling self-assured in who you are.
  12. Challenge and Learning – what you can do to grow as a person, to be inspired and engaged in solving a problem.  Challenging yourself, learning something new, opening your mind, and expanding your limits.
  13. Love & passion- having a deep affection for something or someone.
  14. Adventure – how much risk you take, fun you have, and enjoyment you seek out in your life.

Ok so there were some add-ons there besides our original and the six sigma domination path.  There may be some overlap in the list items as well.  Time will tell.  Ok – next step will be to define each of these in my current life now and try to rate how I’m doing.  Then we’ll do some experiments and some more research to see if these are indeed all encompassing measures of fulfillment or if we need to modify further.

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