The Empty Throne Awaits (208 Word Poem)

Is it possible to live in a world without hate?

So much has changed over the years,

But the human heart moves at the same rate,

Pushed by love, laughter, anger, and tears.


Do they not see an errand’s true worth?

Pointless emotions cloud the mind,

Smearing blood and innocence on the earth.

In reason and logic the truth you may find.


How then, do we see in the dark?

By putting feelings aside like the fictional spock.

Humanity’s future does not lie on an Ark.

With advancement alone our potential unlocks..


Or do religion and happiness have a part to play?

Will love and light illuminate the way.

Love cannot exist without its mirror.

And as love grows, its opposition comes nearer.


Do you suggest then we live as hollow?

The loss of humanity cannot follow.

But evolution has shown us quite clear.

Abandon your love, and the fate of King Lear.


Can you march with a greater purpose in mind?

One that leaves no human behind.

One that transgresses our social construct,

One that creates a new piercing duct.


We are equal, but are we the same?

Some have brains that cannot be tamed,

Open yourself to truth’s true aim,

Humanity’s survival is the only game.

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