Robots (Poem – 447 words)

The robots are coming!

Why should I fear?

“They’ll take over your jobs,

Polish their nuts with your beer!


Make drone to your spouse,

Milk all your honey,

Steal your children’s affection,

Encrypt all your money!


We don’t want their kind,

We don’t need them out here.

We’re fine with old adage,

Busting our rear.


What good are they for?

I can get up at dawn,

Raise my own kin,

Fertilize my wife’s lawn.


I’ll get up day after day,

And put in my work.

Five days a week,

Two more as a perk.


Labor, toil, and slog,

That’s tried and true.

Need Only a few hours of sleep,

To see me through.


I’ll do it week after week,

Year after year.

At the end I’ll retire,

A lifelong career.”


Hey maybe a robot,

Wouldn’t be so bad.

They don’t get fatigued,

They don’t get mad.


If they watch my little ones,

I can take a break.

Go out for a drink,

Avoid the fall’s rake.


I can follow my dreams,

Start a band, take a leap.

Head to the mountains,

Lay out on the beach.


So what if the robot,

Has its way with my wife?

Let it endure that noise,

Spare me the strife.


She already has one,

In her bedside drawer.

For lower back pain,

But I know it’s for more.


They’re already everywhere.

Sweeping my floor,

Faking my news,

Delivering goods to my door.


Managing my stocks,

Fighting our wars,

Transplanting our hearts,

So why not let them do more?


Better partners than humans,

Marriage has aged.

Half of us leave them,

The rest stay in enraged.


And why do we still,

Want to raise our own kids?

I bet a robot doesn’t mind,

Those underwear skids.


It would change that diaper,

Receive pee in the face,

With an unfailing smile,

And loving embrace.


It wouldn’t raise its fist,

Just lower its gaze.

Flash bright lasers,

Leave the babes in a daze.


They can evolve through learning,

Avoid our mistakes,

Run our government smoothly,

Relieve covfefe’s aches.


The robots are coming!

Let them show us their way!

Everyone inside the Matrix,

Was enjoying their day.


Don’t take that red pill,

Take the blue one instead.

Better yet, ditch them both,

And stay in that bed.


The robot can cook,

Replace ail with soothing,

Take care of the laundry,

Service pants protruding.


What a life indeed,

These gifts can bring,

Why be afraid,

Be your own Queen!


A knock at my door,

Could it be my first one?

My heart starts to tingle,

I begin to run.


I’m at the entrance,

As it opens I’m startled,

A face stares back,

Hey is that Arnold?

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