“Oh, the Places You’d Go!” (Parody – 982 words)

The following is a parody of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss


Today could be your day.

You may go see the world!

Will it be less then they say?

You have wind in your face.

But you have spirit in your soul.

Move in the way

That makes you feel whole.

You’re on your own.  And you know more than they think.

And YOU are the GIRL who’ll arrive while they blink.

You have many paths before you.  Some you’re not expected to take.

But ignore what they say, and let them count their mistakes.

Move the wind to your back, and move your heart with the beat,

You’re much too smart not to take on a challenging street.

And you may find some

Whose roads are knurled and furled.

But you’ll not shy away,

You’ll head straight out into the world.

It may be tighter there

among the narrower stares.

Out there things do happen

Frequently to you

Because you’re a girl,

And a brainy one too.

Ane when things start to happen,

Be careful. Don’t ignore.

Be alert and join teams

Of those who truly open the door.

Oh! The places you’d Go!

You’ll look up towards the sky,

As the ceiling melts away.

You’ll hope you can fly there,

Soar higher one day.

Don’t let yourself be held back, move forward ahead.

Stand tall on the shoulders of those who have led.

Wherever you aim, you’ll impress all the rest.

Wherever you go, you can truly be best.

Except sometimes you won’t be expected to test,

Your limits, but then who could have guessed?

It’s heartbreaking to think,

The world is sometimes untrue.

About the roles and conditions,

That can be forced upon you.

You can get pulled back,

By those who play tricks.

By the bumps on the journey,

The bullies with sticks.

You’ll be in a place,

That’s bumpy and blue.

Peering into the ether,

In the air you just flew.

And when you’re feeling down,

It’s not easy to run.

It’s not easy to go out,

Not easy to have fun.

You’re at the place now where roads criss and they cross,

Some paths are shadowy, some twinkle and gloss.

A place you approach with a burden within!

Do you dare to go out?  Do you dare to stay in?

How much will you lose?  Is it possible to win?

But if you lean In, which way do you turn…

To the left to the left, when will you learn?

On the right they’d prefer for you to stay behind.

But on the left, reality isn’t what you always find,

Best then to head straight up the middle this time.

You can get so lost

Making you slow down and think,

You’ll shrug your shoulders and let them sink,

And just when you think that you’re on the brink,

You’ll see a place with colors from dark to pink,

The waiting rink…

For all those who are waiting…

Waiting for justice to show,

Or for their voices to be heard, or the chance to grow,

Or for equal treatment, why does it come so slow?

How about a yes?  We’re tired of No’s.

Pull your head out from under, the smell erose.

They’re waiting to see the end of their woes.

There are many still just waiting.

Waiting for the world to bite,

Or awaiting the end of the endless fight

Or waiting around for the rising light,

Or waiting, perhaps, for the next life,

When the chains break, and with them the strife,

Not looking for material gains,

Only a cure for the enduring pains,

Chronically bearing is the waiting game.


That will not be you!

Somehow you’ll escape,

All that waiting and hoping,

You’ll take action and move forward,

No complaining or moping.

With the flag of freedom,

You’ll ride high and you shall,

Make anything happen,

Because you’re that kind of gal!

Oh, the places you can go!  Because no one can stop you!

You’ll win it all, who out there can top you?

And all the magic you’ll bring to those watching at home,

You’ll inspire someone else to leap up and roam.

You’re not in it for fame, only to be treated the same.

So to get there today, you’ll play their game.

Except when it’s time to make your own,

Create new rules, new seeds sown.

I’m afraid that most times

You’ll find it a lonely endeavor.

You’ll battle yourself until

from yourself you sever.

So become an ideal!

Be the bat, climb above!

Seek out your passion,

Transcend all through love.

Will it be scary and hard?  Of course there’s a chance,

There will be ghosts and goblins that interfere with your dance.

But tip toe around them, glide through the night,

Twirl in between them, leave them out of sight.

On you will go,

Through the storms lying ahead.

On you will go

In spite of your dread.

On you will go,

Through the waters you’ll tread.

Onward up many,

Raging rivers in waiting,

Though you may get tired,

The thrill is pulsating.

On and on you will march,

And I know you’ll break through,

Look down past those walls,

And find a new view.

You’ll stumble of course,

No easy paths to go.

You’ll hit those high hurdles,

No matter how much you know.

So be sure when you stride,

You embrace the fall,

lift yourself up,

Stand proud and stand tall.

Look north upward towards that twinkling star,

And never ever forget who you are.

And will you succeed?

Does it matter? NO indeed!

What counts is your journey, enjoy every deed!

Young lady, you’ll awaken the world!


Be your name Anika or Aaliyah or Ann

Or Chau Linh Huong Nguyet Phan,

You’re off to the future,

Each day is yours!

Your world awaits you,

Make it show you more!

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